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Bibb Distributing Company has accomplished much over the past 60+ years in business. 

From its beginning, the company has proudly represented the great beers of Anheuser-Busch.  Over the years, many other brewers and other manufacturers have been added to that list. Today we represent over 15 suppliers of beer, spirits, and nonalcoholic products.

Enjoy Alcohol Legally and Responsibly

It is our primary responsibility to educate the public about how to enjoy alcohol legally and responsibly. Together with wholesalers, retailers, educators, parents, law enforcement officials and you, we can continue the progress we’ve already made. Our efforts continue by encouraging adults to pledge to drink responsibly and share their commitment with family and friends. This is our world, and these are our roads and our families, and it’s our collective responsibility to help everyone stay safe.

Be the Best Distribution Partner, Create a Family Atmosphere and be a Good Corporate Citizen

Our corporate philosophy is simple:  Be the best sales and distribution partner to our customers; create a family atmosphere among our staff; be a good corporate citizen within our community; and make sure we give back to the people who support us. We will never lose sight of our commitment to our community, our customers, or our suppliers.

We are committed to Community Issues and Social Responsiblity

Bibb Distributing Company is committed to community issues and social responsibility for everyone in our service territory. We sponsor and participate in many national and local initiatives. Our employees participate and volunteer on a multitude of levels throughout our service area.  Our employees and ownership believe in giving back.  We also believe being a family business means doing our part to educate and support the legal enjoyment of our products.

Our Communicaty & Environment Responsibilities include the following programs:

Drink Responsibility


Responsibility – In partnership with Anheuser-Busch’s flagship beer brand, the Budweiser “Drink Wiser” campaign is our effort to take on both alcohol-impaired driving and bingedrinking. Promoting hydration and planning ahead for a ride, “Drink Wiser” is a powerful initiative we take to the streets to encourage responsible drinking.



National Safe Boating Council


Boating Safety – This program, supported by the National Safe Boating Council, reminds boaters and other water recreation enthusiasts to be responsible on the water in all activities. The program includes consumer materials that offer tips on general water safety and promoting safer boating through education, as well as promoting the use of designated skippers while out on the water.

Operation We I.D.


Operation ID/We I.D. – Through the Operation ID and We ID programs, Anheuser-Busch, and Great Bay offer retailers training and a variety of point-of-sale materials to help prevent sales to underage persons. Program elements include “We ID” signage in cooler cases and at the point of purchase, as well as Driver’s License Guides for store clerks and bartenders that contain examples of valid licenses in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and Canadian provinces.

Family Talk program


Family Talk About Drinking – Anheuser-Busch collaborated with MJ Corcoran M.Ed to create Family Talk About Drinking, a program that helps parents talk to their kids about alcohol, underage drinking and responsible choices. More than just a set of rules, Family Talk About Drinking is a supportive community that allows parents to learn new ideas, share stories, and ask questions about how best to tackle the problem of underage drinking. For more information, visit

Training for Intervention Procedures


TIPS® (Training for Intervention Procedures) for the University Our message on college campuses is clear. If you’re under 21, respect the law – don’t drink. Personal responsibility is the foundation for addressing these issues, and only when students are armed with the facts can they make informed decisions. TIPS® offers a specialized peer-to-peer education program designed for fraternities, sororities and residence halls. The training program teaches students, dorm advisers and on- and off-campus servers techniques for serving alcohol responsibly, intervening in a non-confrontational manner and spotting fake IDs


As a company, Bibb Distributing understands the importance of the footprint we leave on the environment and commit ourselves to actively particpating in the sustainability of our planet.

Bibb Distributing Company installed solar panels in 2021.

Special Operations Funds

Each Year, Bibb Distributing Company contributes to the Special Operations Fund and its mission to give back to the spouses and children of soldiers killed in service to our country. This donation is our way of saying thank you to our veterans and their families, and honoring their sacrifices made for our freedom.

United Way of Central Georgia

Bibb Distributing Company and our employees donate each year in the annual United Way of Central Georgia campaign. These donations support local causes and 100% of the funds raised here, stays here in the communities we services.

  • Bibb Distributing Company firmly believes in giving back to the community. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding philanthropic initiatives.